Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Art Show: Something Different!

The octopus ... following ... her bidding!

By Ken Bald. [Poulpe Pulps]

Conan hates cephalopods

By Joe Chiodo [Comic Book Resources]


Artist Unknown Update: The artist is Katie De Sousa. [Never Sea Land]

Artist Unknown [Never Sea Land]

By Barry Prioste.

Alpha Flight

By some Dragon*Con attendees. [Once Upon a Geek]

Curry and Dibney

By Evan "Doc" Shaner.


By Burne Hogarth [Jon Knutson]

Monkey Eyes

Artist Unknown [Galactic Central]

Agnes Quill

By Mike Maihack. If you don't know about Agnes Quill, you really should.

Preferable Twilight endings

By M@TtHeW. [Avalance Software Art Blog]

PhotoShopper Unknown. Don't even remember where I got this one; I just need to pull it out every once in a while to look at it again.

The Lonely Astronomer

Artist Unknown. [American Pulps and Magazines]


Anonymous said...

yay for mermaids!

That picture of Ariel is by Katie De Sousa (http://katiedesousa.com/)

Michael May said...

Thanks! I never would've figured that out by the signature. I interpreted the "06" as the last two letters in "Bob." I'll update the post.


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