Monday, August 17, 2009

Quotes of the (Past) Week: Seasoned by Love

I took good care of my own comics because I respected their magic pictures and stories and wanted to visit them again and again. Today they are no longer in mint condition but they do have the additional glow that all things acquire from being seasoned by love over a long period of time.
--David Apatoff, summing up my relationship to comics too.

You shouldn't be glutted with vampires: they should be a spice, not a food group.
--Neil Gaiman, on the current resurgence of the fad.

Nobody likes to feel lumped together - Minnesota and Wisconsin are probably about as close as you can get to states that are similar in the popular imagination, and if you talk about them like they're the same, you're going to get two guys beating you up - one will have a Viking helmet on and the other one will be pounding on you with a wheel of cheese.
--Linda Holmes, on the foolishness of the "Mid-America" demographic group. This also further reinforces my idea that I should have a whole separate feature called Linda Holmes Quote of the Week.

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