Tuesday, August 25, 2009

And Now the News: Multiple Alices Kicking Serious Butt

Rulah vs. the Carnivorous Blonde

The Comic Book Catacombs has the full story.

Novasett Island

I don't know anything about this other than what's on that cover, but Novasett Island looks like it was pretty much made for me. Thanks to House of Duck for pointing it out.

Age of Reptiles: The Journey

And speaking of comics made for me, Ricardo Delgado's newest dinosaur comic is coming out from Dark Horse in November. Siskoid has reviews of the previous two mini-series.

Gravedigger: Hot Women, Cold Cash

Christopher Mills has a preview up from his and Rick Burchett's next Gravedigger comic. It was Gravedigger that first turned me on to Chris' stuff, so I'm especially excited to see this sequel. It's excellent noir.

The Azzarelloverse

When I first heard about DC's plans to start a new line of comics with old pulp heroes like Doc Savage, I wasn't as excited as I thought I should be. I don't know a lot about Doc Savage or the Blackhawks, the Spirit's already got his own ongoing that I'm not reading, and Rima's never been my favorite jungle girl.

But hearing more about it at Chicago Comic-Con has got me plenty pumped for it. I figured it was going to be in its own small corner of the existing DC Universe, but I love the idea that instead it's part of a separate reality in which no superpowers exist. So you can have Batman and the Black Canary (without her sonic scream) running around, but no Superman or Green Lantern. Knowing that crime-writer Brian Azzarello is playing a large part in its development helps a lot too. It should be a much tougher style of costumed crime-fighting with more focus on detective work and brawling. Looking forward to it.

How to dress like Black Canary

RCXY has your shopping guide. Beware of automatic runway music though.

Resident Evil 4

Finally. And in 3D. And, according to Milla, "Let’s just say this. The clones are definitely in it. You’ve got multiple Alice’s kicking serious butt." That's all I need to know.


Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

Oh this is sooooo good. I had heard about the multiple Alices but in 3-D? 3-D Milla? I am THERE.

Siskoid said...

More Age of Reptiles? This is excellent news for Dinosaur Week 2010!

RCXY said...

oh my! hahaha! Thanks for the mention, though...don't worry I'm looking into something less "blaring" music for my blog ;P

thank you.


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