Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Commandos from the Black Lagoon

The Creature Commandos

Caleb Mozzocco calls for a Showcase Presents collection of DC's Weird War Tales. And can you blame him?

Frankenstein Meets the Space Monster and Other Stories

AMC's got a short list of Frankenstein movies you may not have heard of. I've seen fast-forwarded through two of them (Frankenstein Meets the Space Monster and Frankenstein Conquers the World) and though I'm a pretty big Frankenstein fan, I probably won't be rushing out to find the other three.

Science from the Black Lagoon

One of the things I've always liked about Creature from the Black Lagoon is that it at least pretends to take science seriously (as opposed to using it as a substitute for magic). It's encouraging then that Gary Ross - who's writing and producing the remake - is not only also taking the science seriously, but is actually researching it in order to make his version even stronger.

I also like that he says he wants the tone to be serious and not campy. I've read one blogger who's fearful that they're taking all the fun out of it, but I disagree. Camp does not equal fun. You can take the premise seriously and still have a ball with it, which is something the original did wonderfully.

Ross' version isn't green-lit yet, but I'm hoping it will be. It sounds like he's on the right track.


houseofduck said...

was going to email you this link, but it looks like your email didnt survive the great harddrive crash of 08... so I will post it here...

I think this sketch is one of the cooler Wonder Woman sketches I have seen as of late.

Michael May said...

Ha! That's beautiful! Thanks!


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