Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Action Girl News: Inside Wookiee

Yesterday Was a Lie

SCI FI Wire has the scoop on a noir mystery with a lady detective. Yesterday Was a Lie is still looking for a distribution deal and my interest in seeing a woman in the private eye role (as well as seeing Peter Mayhew act without his Chewbacca costume on) makes me hope it gets one soon.

Inside Man 2

It sounds like Jodie Foster's definitely back in for Inside Man 2. Here's hoping that she actually has something to do this time around. She has a fantastic character and I'd love to see her in action rather than making idle threats and being generally ineffective.

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Anonymous said...

Actually according the the film's blog they have already been offered a distribution deal but the rights-holders to the jazz songs in the film are holding it up. :P


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