Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Warrior Women Wednesday

I've been keeping half-an-eye on the development of the JLA movie, but I just realized yesterday that this is the closest we're going to get to a Wonder Woman movie for a while, so maybe I'd better pay more attention. Kevin Melrose has the latest skinny, linking to the same Christian Bale interview I did about how Bale and Routh aren't likely to be in the thing, and also linking to who debunks the rumor that the whole thing will be CGI motion-capture.

According to IESB, "it will not be an all out 'motion capture production.' Heavy motion capture will be used for the OMACs, the underwater sequences and such. So, all in all, this will be a traditionally made film with some motion capture characters, pretty much like every big fantasy movie these days." (IESB also claims that Tom Welling has been approached to play Superman, but Superman Homepage contradicts that with a statement from Smallville producer Alfred Gough who says, "Hasn't happened, won't happen, [Welling] is under contract to Smallville through season 8.")

Speaking of Super-folks, the Fortress of Fortitude has a great essay about the history of Supergirl and includes some excellent suggestions on how DC might help young girls reclaim the superheroine from creepy, old guys.

"DC can keep Kara in the Teen Titans or Legion of Super-Heroes, but they should cancel the solo title and reintroduce it as part of the revitalized Johnny DC line. Bring back Streaky, Comet and teen-age romance. Give Supergirl back to the little girls, and once again make her a character that represents everything a young one can aspire to. Not every character has to be complex, brooding and kewl."

Edited to add: Even though I like the Fortress Keeper's thoughts about what kind of Supergirl stories DC should be telling, I really don't see why they couldn't do those while still continuing to publish the current version as well. Just because Marvel Adventures: Avengers exists doesn't mean that New Avengers shouldn't. If there's a market for both, why not publish both?


Mike Haseloff said...

While I don't expect this to be the movie for me, that's the first I've heard about OMACs and underwater scenes.

Suddenly I'm at least a little bit intrigued!

Supergirl... Not so much...

Michael May said...

OMACs make me nervous, if only because I've already seen that story and didn't love it. I thought the Batman's-paranoia-backfiring-on-him part was interesting, but making the OMACs out of innocent people so the heroes would be conflicted about fighting them is overused.

I liked the story okay, but it's not one I'm particularly excited to revisit. We'll see how it's executed though. Maybe there's life there still.


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