Tuesday, May 01, 2007

May theatrical releases

This is a new feature I want to try. At the first of each month, I'll list and talk about the new movies that are coming out that month. Or the ones that I want to see anyway. If I don't mention one that you think I should've (or you think one of mine is unworthy of mention); well, that's what comments sections are for.


Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End (Opens May 25th): I don't think I really need to explain my excitement about this one, do I? Easily my Pick of the Month, if not the Summer; if not the Year.


Shrek the Third (Opens May 18th): Yeah, yeah. I know. I wasn't thrilled about it either until I saw an ad for it that reminded me how much I liked Antonio Banderas as Puss n' Boots. I was lukewarm about the first Shrek movie and that still taints my perception of the franchise, but I really did enjoy Shrek 2 a lot.


Spider-Man 3 (Opens May 4th): I'm not a big fan of Venom. He comes from the days when Marvel was making nastier, grittier versions of all their heroes and he just seems like a lazy concept to me. But Sam Raimi's Spider-Man films have been anything but lazy and I like how he's gone out of his way to choose just the right villains to emphasize just the right lesson that Peter Parker is learning in each film. So, I trust Sam and I fully expect this to be as great an experience as the other two were.

Not So Much with the Adventure, but Still Looks Good

Waitress (Opens May 2nd in New York and LA): I mentioned this one a while back. Interesting to me mainly because it stars Felicity and Captain Mal.

The Ex (Opens May 18th in limited release): Another one I've mentioned before. Zach Braff and Jason Bateman in a movie Braff describes as being for people who like Scrubs and Arrested Development. Well, that's me.

Update: Would it be more useful to see these organized by genre or by release date?


Jason Copland said...

I think by release date. It's not often you'll get more than 1 movie in the "Pirate" genre per month... ;)

Michael May said...

Smart Alec. :D

I think you're exactly right though. That's what I'd find most helpful too.



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