Thursday, May 03, 2007

Links du Jour: Iron Man armor, Wonder Woman villains, and "Oh, Mighty Isis Isis Isis Isis..."

  • The big news is that Entertainment Weekly has a look at the red-and-gold Iron Man armor from the upcoming movie. Dang, that's beautiful. I don't even like Iron Man and that makes me want to see this movie yesterday.
  • There's a longish Wonder Woman post in me wanting to get out. I know that because I keep talking about her and I find stuff like this rundown of obscure Wonder Woman villains fascinating. I completely agree that Circe is way overused in Wonder Woman comics and I wonder if maybe whatever it is that keeps writers from exploring the rest of her rogues gallery is the same thing that keeps them from realizing her full potential as a character.
  • One of my favorite shows as a kid was Isis. It was a live-action Saturday morning show that ran alongside the live-action Shazam!. The two shows even crossed over occasionally. I remember having a huge crush on JoAnna Cameron, who played Isis. Anyway, rumor has it that the entire series is being released on DVD July 24th.

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West said...

I dig that image, too. I kinda wish I could see it with "virgin" eyes, though.

Just from what little I've seen of her manner, I could see having a nice lil crush on the Isis actress.

I'm telling your wife. :p

Michael May said...

"I'm telling your wife. :p"

Ha! :D


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