Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Links du Jour: Walking with Dinosaurs, The Scarlet Avenger, and more about The Mummy 3

The Scarlet AvengerDinosarus
  • Walking with Dinosaurs: The Live Experience looks like the coolest thing ever. So far it's only scheduled for a couple of shows in Washington state, but check back at the site for updates (or sign up to get them through email).
  • Film student Scott Clements sent me a link to his pulp-serial-inspired student film The Scarlet Avenger. It could stand some tighter editing in order to pick up the general pace, but the costumes, sets, fight choreography, special effects and even the acting are all really good. It's a fun way to spend about 20 minutes, so you should definitely give it a look.
  • Variety is reporting that Luke Ford (this one; not the one who writes about porn) will co-star in the next Mummy film as Brendan Fraser's grown son. Word has it that Ford's being groomed to spin his character off into its own franchise. I'm just hoping that The Mummy 3 is sort of good. Sci Fi Wire has some new plot details about it, including that Michelle Yeoh has been added to the cast as the wizard who created Jet Li's mummy.


  • Matt Fraction's written an excellent review of DC's 52 series, which is pretty cool since he's primarily working at Marvel these days. But what really jumped out at me was a comment he made that relates to the topic I mentioned the other day about judging material based on what it is, rather than what you wish it was. "I don’t like critique and commentary that hinge on reader preconception-- I don’t give a fuck what got said on what website in the lead-up to a series’ release, or a movie coming out, or a book hitting the shelves. The creative process is mutable and pre-release hype is just vapor. You view the work as the work, not as the fulfillment of its advertorials, and certainly not in light of your expectations."

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