Thursday, February 01, 2007

Tarzan the Ape Man; project update

Really busy day today, so this is going to be short and kind of scattershot. Sorry.

Finished watching Tarzan the Ape Man last night. Johnny Weissmuller, as much as he isn't the literary Tarzan, is Tarzan. He's sort of to Tarzan, I guess, what Connery is to Bond. After all, Johnny's yell is a pop culture equivalent of Connery's "Bond, James Bond." And Maureen O'Sullivan, as much as she isn't the literary Jane, is so very very hot.

Someone asked in the comments to the LJ feed how far along I am on Le Corsaire. I've got fifteen chapters done and my chapters average about ten pages. That's pretty much the halfway mark for the first draft, but there's a lot in those first fifteen chapters that needs to be reworked. In addition to beefing up the action, I've got some serious cutting to do as well. There are a couple of characters who should really just be one, there's another character who I follow for way too long instead of concentrating on the hero, and there's yet another character who just needs to be changed completely because I've realized that he's a horror/fantasy stereotype and a pretty dull one at that.

So, yeah. I'm pretty far along, but I've got a lot of work to do. It'll be fun work though.

And nobody asked, but as long as I'm talking about work, I'm ready to start researching potential publishers for Kill All Monsters!. I've got a list of nine right now, but the other creators involved may want to add to or subtract from that list. My hope is to have a final list by this weekend and spend next week compiling the various submissions guidelines.

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