Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Agents of Atlas meet Bond

Jeff Parker, writer of the excellent spy comic Agents of Atlas amongst other things, has a late opinion on Casino Royale. You gotta cut him some slack though. He's one of those Parents of Young Kids. He's lucky to get to go to movies at all.

Anyhoo, I'm alway thrilled to see another writer I respect "get" Bond.

Clearly (Daniel Craig's) much of what makes the difference, as the first really threatening Bond since Connery. Roger Moore was likeable, but he always seemed to know he was in a movie. Timothy Dalton was dashing and formidable, but no one was interested in production values by the time he came along. Martin Campbell did a great visual job with directing Goldeneye as he does here, but Pierce Brosnan posed no threat. If I saw him coming at me, I’d stand my ground, reasonably sure I was going to win. I’d get the hell out of Craig’s way.

I'm especially happy to see someone talk about Bond without criticizing Timothy Dalton, who was certainly on the right track with the character and got a bum deal.

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Sounds good.


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