Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Galactica needs to get off the treadmill

I spent the first half of this season of Battlestar Galactica trying to adjust to the new feel of the show. Everything was so dark and painful to watch, but it was gripping. I always wanted to know where they were going next. Now that things are pretty much back to normal on the show, I'm getting restless. Yeah, there are moments that I love in each episode, but the feeling I'm getting is that the show is kind of running in place. And I'm not the only one.

The Geek Monthly blog offers some complaints about the season so far: "Ticking time bomb my butt! Athena got her baby back (baby back, baby back) without so much as a raised fisticuff. It’s like her rescue mission was on her 'to do' list between 'buy milk' and 'tape Lost.'"

And: "As Roslin keeps reminding us over the past few episodes, Baltar will be tried for his crimes. Eventually. After we cover all of the pressing story business of a racist doctor, a dead ex-wife, and how much Galen and Cally’s lives suck. Seriously though, after that it’s next on the agenda."

Agree? Disagree?


West said...

I'm seriously considering catching this in dvd's, since I keep hearing such good things.

Hopefully, they'll get things goin', again soon, MM.

Michael May said...

I'm sure they will as they head towards the season finale. It's definitely worth catching on DVD. I'm almost envious of your getting to see it all for the first time. :)

Jason Copland said...

I have yet to see an episode. Jackie and I are thinking about watching it, though...

Michael May said...

In best Schwarzenegger impression: "Do it! Do it now!"


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