Monday, September 11, 2006

News: Sarah Connah?

So, there's talk about a Terminator TV-show called The Sarah Conner Chronicles. Executive Producer Josh Friedman promises a "pretty f*ing cool" show that balances close-ended stories with a longer, series-long metastory a la The X-Files. So far, so good.

Friedman's concerned that fans won't give the show a try if James Cameron's not involved, but I'm not sure that's what he needs to be worried about. If you've got a show with the name "Sarah Conner" in it, you'd better have Linda Hamilton playing her or a damn good replacement. (Top of my head, I'd buy Kate Beckinsale in the role.)


West said...


Man, that picture had me thinking, from the start, that Hamilton was involved.


I really don't wanna see anybody else in that role. Then again, I didn't wanna see anybody else playing Blade, either. (Although what I've seen of that series suggests that it works in spite of its lead actor, more than because of him. Sorry, "Sticky.")

I guess we'll see.

Michael May said...

I should make it clear that I don't know that she isn't involved. I was just saying that that would be a bigger deal-breaker for me than James Cameron.

West said...

I understand. I just saw that picture and assumed you knew that she definitely was involved.

I didn't catch my umption of the ass unti you mentioned a replacement.

Then my heart sank. It's too bad Arnold was the only one who returned in the third installment.

Michael May said...

I never saw the third one; did you? Lack of both Cameron and Hamilton killed it for me. Had either one of them been involved, I woulda gone.

West said...

I saw it.

I definitely preferred the previous installments.


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