Friday, September 08, 2006

Project Update: FoN and "The Clearing"

Jason Copland and I are continuing to think about the title for our robots vs. monsters book. Forces of Nature just doesn't have the same kick to it that Robots vs. Monsters does. And after polling a bunch of people, we've learned that Robots vs. Monsters is the runaway favorite of potential readers everywhere. I'm still concerned that it sounds cliché, but we'd be foolish to ignore the feedback we got. I mean, it wasn't even close.

I just finished a short story called "The Clearing" that I'm going to submit to a comics anthology, assuming I can find the right artist to illustrate it. It's about an eight-year-old boy who follows an old, country road deep into the woods. And what he finds at the end of it.


West said...

Good luck, bud.

Michael May said...



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