Friday, September 15, 2006

Project Update: The Series Formerly Known as FoN

It's official. Jason Copland and I have decided that Forces of Nature is now going to be called Robots vs. Monsters. It's a more memorable title, even if there are a lot of other comics with "vs." in the name. And as Steve Niles (who has an upcoming book called Earth vs. Monsters) says, the crossover possibilities are awesome this way. Earth vs. Robots vs. Monsters? I smell a blockbuster.

Got some great notes from Jason Rodriguez (our editor) on the script for the first issue. "Twenty-two pages is so 2003," he says. I'm going to open up a scene or two and not worry so much about the traditional page count for comics. It's not like this is going to be a Marvel or DC book.

Still looking for an artist on "The Clearing." I'm going to have to find someone quickly or risk not making the submission deadline for the particular anthology I wrote it for. But even if I miss that, I think the story's strong enough that it could find a place somewhere else.

Starting to think about a pirate story for a prose anthology that's taking submissions. The trick is that they want magic to play a major part in it. I don't want to just stick a gratuitious mermaid or sea monster in, so I need to come up with a story that requires a magical element; that wouldn't be the same story without it. I've got an idea, but it needs work.

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West said...

Congrats. I'm glad you found and agreed upon a name with which you're comfortable.


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