Monday, September 25, 2006


Spoilers below:

I don't think I like this very much, but I'm reserving final judgment. According to TV Guide, big secrets about Lost (namely, the meaning behind the numbers and the purpose of the Dharma Initiative) were revealed in an online game that ultimately led players to this video.

According to the video (which I haven't watched yet because my work doesn't like YouTube and I still live in the Dial-Up Age at home), the numbers are a mathematical formula that reveal the timetable for humanity's extinction. Without seeing the video, I'm dissatisfied with that explanation and still confused about the Dharma Initiative's relationship with the formula. Maybe it'll make more sense once I've seen it.

Even if it does though, I think it's kind of cheesy to reveal such a big secret outside of the show. Surely the show will eventually cover it too, but it still feels like a gyp.


Grant Gould said...

there you go, doubting LOST again.... *sigh*

have faith, brother. have faith in the damon and the j.j.

Michael May said...

I know. I know. :)


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