Wednesday, August 09, 2006

To See: The Reaping and The Prestige

I think it was at before one of the showings of Pirates of the Caribbean 2 that I saw trailers for both The Prestige and The Reaping and nearly peed in my pants. These both look so good.

Unfortunately, I just learned today that The Reaping is being pushed back to 2007. Don't know why, but it sucks. I've never been this enthusiastic over a Hilary Swank movie.


West said...

I'll keep my eyes peeled for these, too. I'm too chicken to click on the links.

If I see an ad or something that blows my skirt up, so to speak, I'll jump on it... especially since we live so close to the artsy-fartsy movie theater in town.

It's also nice to see Swank lookin' somewhat feminine in that pic.

Anonymous said...

THE REAPING looks terrific. I'm unnerved just by the flies on the website that run away from your mouse. I'm a fan of the Dark Castle shingle, but I'm glad they're doing one that looks less campy and more hardcore horror. (I guess they tried that with GOTHIKA, but I found that dreadfully boring.)


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