Friday, August 11, 2006

To See: Hollywoodland

I really hate the idea of Ben Affleck playing George Reeves (especially after watching the first season DVD for Adventures of Superman not too long ago), but I'm fascinated by the mystery surrounding Reeves' death. I'm really looking forward to seeing Adrien Brody investigate it.

I'm disappointed with the "Dying in Hollywood can make you a legend" tagline though. Reeves' death contributed to the Superman Curse myth, but it didn't make him more famous.


West said...

news to me.

Michael May said...

Which part? The movie or the curse? Or the fact that I'm not a big Affleck fan? :)

West said...

The movie AND the curse.

I'd have put money on the Affleck thing.

Anonymous said...

You're looking forward to seeing Adrien Brody investigate it; I'm looking forward to seeing Diane Lane slink through it.

Affleck usually puts me off of movies, but his role is small and it looks like he's actually trying again in this one (which he hasn't done since maybe CHASING AMY).

However, I think this movie would've been better had the Polish brothers directed as originally planned, with Kyle MacLachlan making a perfect Reeves, which Miramax nixed.

Michael May said...

I respect MacLachlan much more as an actor than Affleck, but my first thought is still, "Too thin." Reeve was pretty beefy (which is one of the reasons why he's my favorite Superman).


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