Friday, August 11, 2006

Ahhh... Western Tales...

I got a little wistful catching up on Bookgasm after being out of touch for a week when I saw their review of the done-too-soon Western Tales of Terror anthology. I've got a couple of connections to it besides just being an avid fan (for all the reasons Bookgasm mentions).

I'd actually had a couple of stories accepted for it before it was cancelled. That's where I met WToT's submissions editor Jason Rodriguez who's now the editor on Forces of Nature, the robots vs. monsters comic I'm writing. But more than that, my Forces of Nature partner Jason Copland was in issue #4 and illustrated a story for Stuart Moore that Bookgasm calls "the finest piece out of the entire title’s run." Very nice. Reminds me that I need to share some of Jason's Forces of Nature stuff here.

Anyway, I'd forgotten how much I missed Western Tales until I read that review.

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Jason Copland said...

Are you sh!tting me? They actually said that.....?


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