Monday, November 08, 2021

AfterLunch | Iron Man 3

The AfterLunch MCU Panel - Lizzie, Pax, Rob, and I - reconvene to talk about the final film in Marvel's Iron Man trilogy: how it builds on themes from the previous films and whether or not it flows well into what came later. And of course, there are its controversial villains, kid sidekick, and whether or not that ending works super well.

Download or listen to the episode here.

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Zeke said...

This is my favorite of the three Iron Man films.

And the transition/reveal that the Mandarin is not the zealot being portrayed by Trevor but is instead Killian is quite a comment on the banality of evil.

A brilliant scheme by a very smart and confident nerdy man to manipulate all sides of a situation in order to make money and get power. Without a whit of care about people getting killed, lives being ruined, and taking advantage of his pet tech "failing" and killing followers and innocents.


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