Friday, October 18, 2019

Fairy Tale Friday | Fables, Part 6: Barleycorn Brides

Fables #18 is a standalone story that (like the Jack story in #11) abandons the fairy-tales-in-other-genres format and simply tells a story from the Fables community's past. There's a framing sequence in which a Lilliputian youth escapes the Farm and comes to the city to try to steal some magic barleycorn. He's caught, but when Bigby Wolf goes easy on the sentencing, the Frog Prince questions the decision. Bigby then relates the story of why attempting to steal the magic seed has become a rite of passage for Lilliputian males.

I won't spoil the whole thing, but it has to do with a bunch of male Lilliputians' escape from the Fables' Homelands after the mysterious Adversary took over, as well as the story of Thumbelina. It's a fun, adventurous tale and gives a tantalizing peek at the Homelands and the armies of the Adversary.

Another fun note about the issue is that it was drawn by Linda Medley, who was quite popular at the time for her fairy-tale-inspired comics series, Castle Waiting.

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