Thursday, October 24, 2019

Dracula Adaptations | Little Book of Horror: Dracula (2005)

In addition to all these movie adaptations of Dracula, I've been reading a couple of comics adaptations as well. The first is from the Little Books Of Horror series written by Steve Niles and published by IDW. There were three volumes in the series, including a Frankenstein adaptation drawn by Scott Morse and a War of the Worlds adaptation with Ted McKeever.

The Dracula volume may be my favorite though thanks to the art by Richard Sala. Sala is one of those artists whose aesthetic I just really connect with. His stuff is gloriously gothic and sexy while also being funny. And it works especially well here with Niles' text.

Instead of going for a straightforward adaptation (as he does in the other Little Books of Horror), Niles reinterprets the story into a fun, adventurous take. It's entertaining and funny with Mina and Van Helsing teaming up to hunt Dracula back to Carfax Abbey, getting trapped by the Count, and then a huge, dramatic, last minute rescue by an unexpected other character. Not too faithful, but I love it.

Rating: Five out of five Minas.

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