Friday, February 08, 2019

Dragonfly Ripple | Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (2017)

David and I gab about Guardians 2 and what makes it one of our favorite Marvel movies.

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Erik Johnson Illustrator said...

This one is tough to rank since the strength of the Guardians has been the characters rather than the plots of the films themselves. The first was more fun, but this one has more depth in spite of seeming darker much of the time.

Kurt Russell is a stellar choice to be Star Lord's Dad given he has a history of playing both the badass and the goofball. Sometimes both in the same role as seen in Big Trouble in Little China. Its almost a shame he had to be the villain because he was just so charming.

I tinkered with the idea of "David Hasselhoff cameos as Himself" for Mystery Movie Night since he's revived his career by poking fun at his persona in this movie plus The Spongebob Squarepants Movie, Ted 2, Hop, Piranha 3DD, and the 2017 Baywatch film. Never could pull the trigger as very few of those movies are "good". That's not even getting into his reoccurring role in the Sharknado series. Though this does put him in the same pool of actors as Chris Evans and Michael B Jordan from pre MCU Marvel movies brought in to play new characters here. Hoff played Nick Fury in a 1998 Agents of SHIELD TV Movie written by David Goyer. Ever see that one?

Speaking of cameos I remember being worried when I saw Stan Lee's cameo, and that much like last time in Doctor Strange, he was sitting down. He had lost mobility and they were trying to cover it up? I got over it when they had the gag tying all his cameos together and his line "I've got so many more stories to tell!" was wonderful.


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