Wednesday, February 06, 2019

Dragonfly Ripple | Doctor Strange (2016)

David and Michael meet about the Master of the Mystic Arts, what's great about his film, and why it isn't higher on their list of MCU favorites.

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Erik Johnson Illustrator said...

Good call starting with the algorithm. Similar to David I had assumed that as a genius neurosurgeon, Stephen Strange would be the most like to devise a way to counteract Hydra controlled operatives like the Winter Soldier, but your idea of being able to determine the potential for heroism speaks more to your idealistic interpretation versus a more pragmatic response.

I was excited to see this one knowing that it was written by a podcaster. C. Robert Carlyle used to host a (now defunct) movie review show called “The Spill”. The guy clearly knows his stuff.

Like I’ve said better every Marvel solo movie, the hero gets his or her own team. Howling Commandos, Warriors Three, The Revengers and now Dr Strange has his own team of diverse wizards. Much like Bucky, Wong is elevated from sidekick and servant to full on partner in the Mystic Arts.

While the “go to the orient and learn the ways of this ancient order” feels lifted from Batman Begins, the movie as a whole feels like a better version of Green Lantern. An arrogant American is taken in and trained by an order that wears special rings that allow them to create glowing constructs, has to fight a giant lovecraftian monster villain, and in the end his mentor/friend becomes a villain for the sequel.

It does feel a bit repetitive of the previous Marvel themes, the character arc is similar to Iron Man. The strength is in the little differences, most notably the lack of a big fight at the end, but finding a way to outsmart the villain into giving up.

I’m right there with you how this feels on top of the B-List. Its can hold its weight against Ant-Man or Spider-Man but on its own is only alright. Doctor Strange in both that comics and what we’ve seen in the movie since seems more interesting in small doses. It’ll be curious how that effects his future sequels.


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