Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Fall ComiCon Report

I forgot to report back about the Twin Cities' Fall ComiCon from last weekend. It was great.

The Midwest Comic Book Association volunteers are always awesome, but we especially appreciated them for this show. Diane and David hadn't confirmed that they were attending as creators, so we were a little nervous about whether there would be room for them. But not only were they planned for by the volunteers, another creator near us had cancelled, so we were allowed to spread out to a couple of tables. That meant that Diane had an entire table for her face painting and that David was able to spread out his monster sketches for people to see more easily. That turned out to be super helpful for him, because he usually only has a quarter of a table and potential customers have to flip through a stack of sketches to see if there's anything they want.

The convention was well attended and people came to spend money. Diane always does well, but folks were also buying David's sketches and copies of the Kill All Monsters Omnibus. In fact, I only have a few left now, which is awesome.

The quarter bin was a big success, too. I got rid of a bunch of comics that were taking up space in my office and we raised about $30 for Hero Initiative. A lot of people refused their change, so that all went to the charity, too. Will definitely be doing that again.


Caffeinated Joe said...

Sounds like all positive news!

Anonymous said...

One of these years I'll actually read about the con BEFORE it happens and make it to the event. This year, as always, I find out about it after it's already happened. I was gonna buy that omnibus too - and get an autograph! Now I'll have to get an ordinary copy. That's just as good. I eat cake without icing all the time.

Michael May said...

The two-day show is May 19th and 20th next year. You should totally go!

Anonymous said...

Thank you! I've noted the dates in my planner.

Michael May said...



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