Friday, August 26, 2016

Starmageddon: Kenny Baker, Discovery, and the Star Wars Fan Film Awards

On the most recent episode of Starmageddon, we say goodbye to Kenny Baker, talk about the latest Rogue One trailer, groove on “Sabotage” some more, take a look at the fan-made Kenobi trailer, discuss the Star Wars Fan Film Award winners, and somehow still find time to go over the latest info about Star Trek: Discovery. We're miracle workers.

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Jack Tyler said...

Hello again, Michael. Listening to this episode now, and want to get some thoughts down. First a disclaimer: I'm a casual Trek fan, and no Wars fan at all; that always seemed like a series of toy commercials to me. So, a couple of thoughts:

I am a fan of fan-made trailers. These acts of love by talented people never fail to impress me. My favorite so far is about one of my favorite characters, Drizzt Do'Urden:

You have just turned me on to the upcoming ST: Discovery, for which I am grateful. I thrilled to TOS and enjoyed TNG, while the others seemed, frankly, unnecessary, and too far afield from the spirit that made ST what it was. I'm ready for some more episodic Trek. Having the main character be a junior officer has been done in the past, and with some success. Mutiny on the Bounty and Mister Roberts spring immediately to mind, but I can't think of any in which the captain isn't an antagonistic character.

If you aren't a lawyer, your interpretation of rules is based on morality, which is a concept that most lawyers dismiss out of hand.

This has been great fun, even though I'm only a lukewarm fan of one of the franchises of the theme. It's a classic example of how the geniality of the hosts can overcome low interest in the subject matter. I had a great time, and, fair warning, I'll be back. Sorry about the franchise departure, but it applies. Have a great weekend!


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