Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Dragonfly Ripple Live!: Star Trek Animated and Raiders of the Lost Ark

Remember how we recorded an in-person episode of Dragonfly Ripple when David, Diane, and I were in Tallahassee? And how Pax from Nerd Lunch and Hellbent for Letterbox was there, too? Well, now you can listen to it!

The agenda has David and I discussing Star Trek: The Animated Series and Carlin and Annaliese talking about Raiders of the Lost Ark. Then in Dash's "JetPack Tiger" segment, he and Carlin go over Guardians of the Galaxy. And we wrap up by picking TV and movie series that we wish had animated shows.

It's cool to me how sitting around the same, actual dinner table influences the flow of the conversation. This is easily my favorite Dragonfly Ripple episode that we've done, partly because of the memory of how we recorded it, but also because of how natural the finished product sounds.

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