Friday, August 14, 2015

GoldenEye (1995) | Women

Caroline, the psychologist sent by M to evaluate Bond, is a weak and easily manipulated character. She appears to be an intentional throwback to stereotypical Bond Girls from the past - a way of setting a base level for the rest of the movie to comment on - but she's still annoying.

I like Natalya Simonova a lot. She gets pulled into the story against her will, but even though she doesn't have spy skills, she's able to use what she does have to help herself and Bond. And in keeping with the theme of Bond's relationship to "female authority," he even defers to Natalya a couple of times, playfully calling her, "sir."

Like I said the other day, too, Natalya's also very perceptive. She sees through Bond's act and calls him on it, grieving that she'll never get as close to him as she would like to. Viewers always know that Bond's romances will never stick, but it's rare for his companions to realize it too. She's too good for him and cracks my Top Ten.

My Favorite Bond Women

1. Tracy Bond (On Her Majesty's Secret Service)
2. Melina Havelock (For Your Eyes Only)
3. Kara Milovy (The Living Daylights)
4. Paula Caplan (Thunderball)
5. Tatiana Romanova (From Russia With Love)
6. Natalya Simonova (GoldenEye)
7. Fiona Volpe (Thunderball)
8. Domino Derval (Thunderball)
9. Holly Goodhead (Moonraker)
10. Mary Goodnight (The Man with the Golden Gun)

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