Monday, March 11, 2013

Project updates on Avenger, Kill All Monsters, and Christmas Carol

Proofed my story and wrote my bio for the Avenger anthology last week. It's exciting to see that book coming closer and closer to being a real, physical object. The Mike Kaluta art above isn't from the book, it's from The Golden Age site, but it's a nice representation of the Avenger's heritage and where he deserves to sit in the pantheon of pulp hero deity.

Got back some comments from James Powell (my editor) on the ending to Kill All Monsters. I thought I had a nice, dramatic ending for it, but that was until I read James' ideas on how to make it better. I'm giving myself a week to think through how best to implement them, but it's going to improve the book dramatically once I do.

I don't want to quit writing while I'm thinking about KAM, so I started working on something that I'd planned to save for later, a comics adaptation of A Christmas Carol with my friend and frequent collaborator Jessica Hickman. I'm talking about it against my better judgment, because I've learned the hard way that a thousand things can go wrong with any project and it's usually best to wait until things are done and official before blabbing about them.

This project's a little different though, mostly because it's a labor of love. Jess and I are both doing it because we're passionate about the story and want to do a definitive version of it. As long as I'm critiquing other versions, I want to put my money where my mouth is and figure out what a perfect version would look like for me. Jess does too.

So expect to see more about this as we go. I'd like to chart our progress and capture lessons learned, including what happens after the story's completed and we need to get it into public. I imagine that we'll pitch it to some publishers, but we both want to see this thing enough that we'll self-publish it if need be. That's becoming easier and easier to do these days.

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