Monday, September 03, 2012

Shazam and Sheena on DVD

My nerd heart is beating faster today knowing that Shazam! is coming to DVD on October 23. I haven't seen it as an adult and I remember that it wasn't at all faithful to the source material, but I have fond memories of watching this as a kid alongside The Secrets of Isis as part of the Shazam/Isis Hour or whatever it was called. Curious to see how it holds up. All 28 episodes will be available on a 3-disc set for $34.95.

I've never seen the early 2000s Sheena series starring Gena Lee Nolin, but the first couple of seasons of that are on DVD too through Warner Brothers' Made-to-Order program at $39.95 per season. Someone will have to tell me if it's worth getting.


Wings1295 said...

Not going to buy these, but hope they turn up on Netflix. And really hope Shazam doesn't burst the bubble of childhood memory! I used to love it, too! LOL

Michael May said...

Yeah, I can't see paying $35+ for them either without sampling some first. Crossing my fingers about Netflix too.

Mike D. said...

cool thanks for sharing


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