Friday, September 14, 2012

Part Time Fanboys and digital comics

Artist Alley Comics was sort of mentioned in the most recent episode of the Part Time Fanboy podcast. The idea behind the series is that hosts Kristian and Paul are more or less lapsed comics fans. They still enjoy the medium, but aren't part of the regular crowd that heads to the comic shop every Wednesday for new comics. The topic for Episode 20 was what comic shops could do to get readers like them back into the store every week.

Digital comics came up as part of that conversation, because they're more convenient than traveling to a physical location every week, but neither host much likes the idea of paying print prices for a comiXology comic that you don't even really get to keep. I use comiXology quite a bit and understand the advantages of that model, but PTF's Kristian points out the disadvantages pretty clearly. Though he doesn't mention Artist Alley Comics by name in the podcast, he refers to it (and links to it in the show's notes) as what he's looking for in digital comics: affordable (99 cents!) installments that you can keep forever and ever.

It sounds like they may talk more about AAC on the next show, so stay tuned for that.

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