Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Kill All Monsters! review at Augie De Blieck Jr's Pipeline

Artist Alley Comics got a nice write-up by Augie De Blieck Jr. on his Pipeline column at Comic Book Resources. Before I go any further in talking about it, I should mention that Augie and I are technically colleagues because we both write for CBR, but - though I admire his writing - he and I don't actually know each other. CBR is a big place.

He points out some potential improvements to AAC's business model (like notifications when new issues hit), and he's right in guessing that those are things AAC is working on. He also reviewed three of the comics: Kyrra: Alien Jungle Girl, Danny Clyde, and Kill All Monsters.

He calls KAM "strikingly drawn" and notes that the first issue is mostly "Kaiju versus Robots! Fight!" and that "the oversized fights are what sell the book." He's totally right of course, as is his prediction that it's "probably a little deeper than that." We wanted to start the series with a bang, but as future issues come out, I hope we prove that we're telling an actual story with characters and themes and everything.

Thanks so much to Augie for the nice review. If you haven't checked out Kill All Monsters! yet, the first issue is totally free, so please go give it a look.

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