Monday, May 21, 2012

Artist Alley Comics...In Color!

SpringCon went very well. I'll work on a real (but short) report, but one of the highlights was getting to tell a lot of people about Artist Alley Comics. I passed out all the preview ashcans I had except for one that I kept for myself.

Those were of course in black-and-white, but progress on the color preview for Heroes continues, starting with this awesome cover. It features Spencer's Lionbot from Kill All Monsters surrounded by other awesome, Artist Alley characters like Annie Ammo (the woman with the baby), Kyrra the Alien Jungle Girl (the purple, cat-like woman), Red Vengeance (the masked man with the gun), and so many more. If you haven't checked out the free PDF preview yet, I hope you will because there's some outstanding stuff in there.


Black Vulmea said...

That looks amazing!

Michael May said...

Thanks! I'm very excited.


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