Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Black Sails and Crossbones: Two more pirate TV series in development

Because Port Royal, Pyrates, and The Republic of Pirates aren't enough, there are two more pirate TV shows on the horizon. First, Michael Bay is working on Black Sails, a Treasure Island prequel for Starz. There are a couple of troublesome ingredients in that recipe, but okay.

Meanwhile, NBC has ordered ten episodes of a show called Crossbones. According to the AV Club, it's about "Blackbeard and the undercover assassin who was sent to bring him to justice, only to discover that pirates are actually kind of fun." Even without Michael Bay, it seems.

Hmm. Cross-referencing this news with the earlier announcements, I notice that The Republic of Pirates was also being developed for NBC and would feature Blackbeard as well as other historical pirates like Anne Bonny and Mary Read. Without having any inside information, I'm guessing that someone figured out they could develop their own pirate show without paying royalties for the Republic of Pirates name. Sort of like Once Upon a Time did with Fables. I'm okay with that (Crossbones is a cooler name, for starters), but it probably does mean that - if they all make it to TV - we're looking at four pirate shows and not five. I'm okay with that too so long as Bonny and Read make it into one of them.


Erik Johnson Illustrator said...

I agree, "Crossbones" is a catchier name will likely have more marketing value.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

I am hoping for Starz so that the pirates don't get their lusty dangerous lifestyle sanitized.


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