Friday, May 18, 2012

Hulkasaurus: One more thing for SpringCon

My son David will be at SpringCon with me tomorrow with a very limited number of copies of his own comic, Hulkasaurus. It's a 12-page booklet containing a giant-monster story and a back-up feature introducing a creature he plans to use in future issues. Only a buck. Get 'em while they last.


Brian (Cool and Collected) said...

Wow! Hulkasaurus looks awesome! What a proud dad you must be. I'm sure this will be a quick sell-out at the show.

Jay Exonauts said...

Hulkasaurus was definitely the highlight of Springcon! Maybe he'll make a special appearance in KAM?

It was good to see you and David again.

Michael May said...

Thanks, guys! Hulkasaurus did very well and David sold more than half of the copies we took. He outsold me in both number of units and total revenue.

Jay, you're giving me ideas! :D


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