Monday, March 12, 2012

LXB | March Madness: Indiana Jones vs Dominic Toretto

For the first three weeks of March, we're going to answer the question, one match at a time, of who would win if 12 movie tough guys were airdropped into an abandoned city and only one could escape.

This is the most difficult one yet. I love Indiana Jones, but I don't usually think of him as a Tough Guy. Intrepid as hell, yes - except for snakes, of course - but he also gets beaten a lot. Whether it's Belloq stealing his loot or Nazis capturing him or giant mechanics and temple guards beating him up, Indy is extremely fallible. That (and his not letting it stop him) is part of his charm.

Dominic Toretto, on the other hand, is a Tough Guy. And he's not a dumb one either. He's a planner and his plans usually work out pretty well. If I were going to bet money on this match-up, I'd put it on Dom.

But here's the thing: In many ways, Dom's a nicer guy than Indy. Dom has a good heart and believes in second chances. Indy cheats and changes the rules to his advantage. He doesn't go toe-to-toe with his opponent unless he absolutely has to, and even then he figures out how to let his environment do the work for him. Dom's a schemer, but Indy thinks better on his feet. If Dom could end the match quickly, he'd have it, but I don't think he gets that chance. Indy's going to drag it out until he has what he needs to win.

It's an upset, but this one goes to Dr. Jones.

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Brian (Cool & Collected) said...

For a minute there, I thought we would have the only advancement of Dominic Toretto!


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