Friday, July 29, 2011

The Return of Gabriel Hunt

I got this email from Gabriel Hunt editor Charles Ardai not too long ago and have been meaning to share it. Great news for Gabriel Hunt fans.
Friends --

The other day I got a message from a fan of the Gabriel Hunt books asking why there haven't been any updates in such a long time. The answer, alas, is that for the past several months we haven't had any news to share. The publisher we work with to put out the Gabriel Hunt books, Dorchester Publishing, has been going through some tumultuous times (picture them being chased down a grassy slope by blowgun-wielding natives, trying desperately to hold on to their flapping fedora), and as a result our series wound up being abruptly suspended one title short of completion (picture Gabriel Hunt frozen in carbonite).


I'm happy to report that things are finally starting to thaw. The last Gabriel Hunt adventure to hit book stores in our original mass-market paperback format (those little paperbacks that fit in your jacket pocket), Hunt Among the Killers of Men, is about to become the first ever to be released in the larger "prestige" trade paperback format... [It was released on June 6, about a week after I got the email. Did I say "not too long ago"? That was a lie. -Michael]

Then in August...our sixth and final (for now) title, Hunt Through Napoleon's Web, co-authored by the talented and charming Raymond Benson, will finally see print for the first time, also in trade paperback format. You can already pre-order it on [at the link above -Michael] and from other fine retailers.

And the plan is for the first four Hunt adventures to follow in subsequent months, so that before long you'll be able to have a full set in uniform editions.

Now, will there ever be a seventh Hunt adventure? Well, as a good friend once told Gabriel, never say never again. (Picture Sean Connery in a turtleneck...ah, never mind.) But things have been so tumultuous (natives, blowdarts) that we simply don't know. I have confidence in the ever-resourceful Mr. Hunt, so I wouldn't count him out just yet. But after penning six adventures in a little over 18 months, I don't blame the man at all if he requires a little time off to recharge. I like to imagine him on the grounds of the Hunt Foundation's private estate in Bali, sipping from a rum cocktail, while a gorgeous linguist lounges beside him in a tiny sarong. There may be more adventures ahead, but for now we can let the man enjoy one of his rare moments of downtime.


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