Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Mysta vs. the Borers of Andros

In Planet Comics #60, Mysta and Safety Council Director Garro head to the planet Andros to oversee the investigation of some energy "impulses" on the supposedly dead world. It's a strange mission for an organization devoted to planetary safety, but probably they're foresighted enough to know that where there are mysterious energy readings there could also be a threat. Turns out of course that they're right.

It's a cool, if straightforward adventure filled with giant, subterranean, metal worms and battle armor and cool flying cars. There's not a lot to comment on other than general awesomeness, but Mysta does continue to mellow in her attitude compared to the hard line she took in her early adventures. Where Garro sees the antagonists of the adventure as "devils," Mysta believes that they can be educated and invited to join the civilized galaxy. Personally, I don't see whatever good she's seeing in the race of what are essentially slavers. Is her struggle with her romantic feelings for Bron and Garro taking away some of her edge?

I wonder if he leniency is related to her memory lapse earlier in the story. While preparing to descend to Andros' surface, Mysta realizes that she used to know something about the planet, but has forgotten what it was. She remembers once she gets a visual cue, but I don't know what caused the lapse. We don't know how old Mysta is or what effect internalizing all of Earth's scientific knowledge had on her brain. Is she just slowing down mentally from natural causes or is this a more serious problem? Is it possibly the result of her being away from her Moon lab for too long? Is there equipment there that helps her organize and retain data?

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