Thursday, July 21, 2011

Mysta vs. Cargo X25

In Planet Comics #61, the Safety Council quarantines suspicious cargo and learns that its concerns are justified. When their scans accidentally activate the regrowth of miniaturized demon-birds and uncover a faux terrorist plot, Mysta leaps into action.

There are a few interesting things in this story. First of all, Mysta's secret identity finally gets a name, sort of. It's Technician 106. That's all the identification that Garro seems to know her by, which makes me wonder if he's really just that disinterested (or pretending to be) or if that's all the identification that the Safety Council allows. Also interesting is Garro's attitude toward her at the end. Though Mysta/Technician 106 has proved herself over and over again on missions she's undertaken with Garro, he dismisses her contributions to this one and says, "Leave such things to men, who can handle them."

Here's my theory: Garro's falling for her and is trying to cover it by refusing to use her real name (I bet he knows it; whatever her cover name is, I mean). He's started worrying about her on these missions, which explains - though doesn't excuse - his sexist remark.

Meanwhile, Bron's still holding things together solo on the Moon. He seems to have gotten over his resentment of that situation though and appears to be resigned to his new role. However, he's obviously in love with Mysta and wishes she reciprocated his feelings.

I'll come out and admit to being a Brysta 'shipper. Though Garro and Mysta are clearly interested in each other and we've got kind of a Moonlighting/Castle dynamic going on with them, they'd make a horrible, dysfunctional couple. I'm crossing my fingers that Mysta realizes what a faithful friend she has in Bron. (Sleestak has an equally valid take on Bron's isolation on the Moon that recalls his previous career as a criminal, but I'm hoping it's romance, not force, that's keeping him there.)

Another interesting thing is that Mysta calls her machine-man Robot II in this adventure. The robot's changed a lot since his first appearance in the series, but I think this is the first time Mysta's acknowledged that it's actually a completely new model.

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