Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Mysta vs. the Thought-Mites of Andros

In Planet Comics #56, Mysta unpacks her old "thought image" power from the mothballs and uses it against  insect-controlled robots, Saturn-shaped UFOs, and hideous, moving sacks of flesh. But as usual, there's a lot more going on in the story than just that. Mysta's still undercover at the Science Council and a couple of things are happening as a result.

Bron's getting jealous on the Moon, but is that about continually being stuck in the lab while Mysta's off on missions? Or does he somehow sense that she's interested in Garro, the Science Council's director? Mysta doesn't come right out and admit any attraction, but she does muse for a second about her reputation for being cold. Her tone could be regretful, but her train of thought is cut off before she can finish it.

Meanwhile Garro's certainly taking an interest in her. He dismissively calls her "just one technician in thousands," but he obviously can't stop thinking about her, partly because he thinks he recognizes her from somewhere. She's not going out of her way to disguise herself, so he can't have met Mysta before, but you'd think he'd have seen pictures or something. Garro appears to be as dense as his ego is fragile.

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