Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Cownt and the Quartet of Crime

I've mentioned this in a couple of interviews, but the Cownt wasn't created to be a standalone character. My brother-in-law and I were bored during a slow roleplaying game and came up with a bunch of weird people for an inept group of supervillains. The Cownt was only one member of the five-member Quartet of Crime, but he was easily the most popular.

After Gav and I did that first Cownt story for Tales from the Inner Sanctum, we played with the idea of doing a Quartet of Crime one-shot. We even got six pages of it finished before deciding that we were more interested in the Cownt than anyone else. I do love Crazee Mouse though..

The Quartet's scheme in the story, by the way, is very loosely based on actual events.

(We never colored or lettered the title page for some reason, but it was going to have the Head Guy screaming, "The Quartet of Crime!" with the group's logo in a word balloon.)


Ken O said...

The cheerleader line...genius.

Michael May said...

Heh! Thanks!

Part of me really wants to revisit these guys, but the time's not right yet. One day though...


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