Friday, February 04, 2011

Island Intelligence: Never Say Die


*Vaneta Rogers interviews various comics creators about the challenges of writing Aquaman. I especially like Smallville writer Mark Q Miller's quote: "What makes Aquaman Aquaman for me is the environmental activist angle and the nobility angle. He's very Shakespearean, in a way. A king with a cause. An Old World sensibility in the modern age. It's very cool." [Newsarama]

*Meanwhile, Aquaman gets his own Flashpoint mini-series with Emperor Aquaman. [The Source]


*The Goonies poster above was created by Justin Erickson for a special screening of the movie. [/Film]

*I'm looking forward to fully exploring /Film's set visit to Pirates of the Caribbean 4. Takeaways from the little I've read so far: Blackbeard should be awesome, but they're worried about Penelope Cruz's character. [Part One and Part Two, with more coming]


*Remember that Treasure Island TV movie for Sky TV that stars Eddie Izzard as Long John Silver and Elijah Wood as Ben Gunn? It's actually a two-part mini-series for SyFy and it also has Donald Sutherland as Captain Flint, who doesn't actually appear in the novel, but sets everything in motion via backstory. The show is filming now and scheduled to air early next year. [Spinoff Online]


*Lego's new Pirates of the Caribbean sets look amazing and include scenes from all four movies. [MTV]

*And oh look! There's the video game trailer!

[Topless Robot]

*It's not just Lego getting on board. Jakks has got all kinds of amazing playsets, figures, and other merchandise. [Toy News International; thanks, Ken!]

*But if it's Lego you like, wait'll you get a load of the lifesize Jack Sparrow from the presentation that launched all those wonderful toys. [Nerd Approved]

*Also: Lego Unsinkable Walker Bean. Not officially licensed, but even cooler for having been customized by a six-year-old. [First Second]


houseofduck said...

We love the lego games, I cant wait until Pirates comes out.

Michael May said...

I'm about halfway through Lego Harry Potter right now. At the speed I go, I should just have it finished by the time Pirates comes out. Maybe.

Wings1295 said...

Aquaman & The Goonies? Sir, I am forever your friend.

Michael May said...

We do love the same things, don't we?

Unknown said...

Man, Aquaman, Goonies and Lego.. you aim to please indeed, sir.

Jeremy [Retro] said...

who doesn't love the goonies... i am sure you are aware they just released the score officially, i believe it was varese sarabande.

houseofduck said...

I am about 3/4 of the way done with the second Indiana Jones game. We have not picked up Harry Potter yet, waiting until I can find it for $20, a little nervous about that one. The demo on PS3 was real clunky, was the final version hard to control?

Michael May said...

Not that I've noticed. It's my first Lego game though, so I don't have anything to compare it to.

I don't like having to use the stylus as much as I do, but it makes sense for a game so reliant on magic spells. Using the stylus is very wand-like.


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