Wednesday, February 09, 2011

The Adventureblog Annex (or, Michael gets a Tumblr account)

And lo, there came a day when I realized that watching TV shows at their regularly appointed time just wasn't working for me. I didn't immediately buy TiVo though, oh no. I started taping everything on VHS to watch later, trying to keep up with six different video tapes while remembering what was on each one. My friends and family told me, "Mike, you really need TiVo. It was made for people who watch TV the way you do." And of course they eventually wore me down and now I love it.

I feel the same way about Tumblr. "I've already got a blog," I thought. "Why do I need Tumblr?" Because, Dummy, it's made for people who blog the way you spend a significant amount of time doing. I don't know why it takes me so long to figure this stuff out.

So, I've started a Tumblr and called it the Adventureblog Annex. The idea is to move stuff there from here that makes more sense on that platform. Namely: The Art Show, Pass the Comics, and Quotes of the Week posts. Stuff that doesn't take too long to look at or read. I've already started loading it up, so you can take a look and get a feel for what it's like. It's a bit random, but I'm hoping that'll be part of the fun.

What that leaves here is original content, which is what I think blogs are best suited for anyway. I may have to pull some features back from some of my other, newer blogs like Amazon Village and Dear Dairy in order to have things to write about [hmm...would I be more faithful to Old Sinner if I did it here?], but I'm going to figure that out later.

In the meantime, I hope you'll add the Annex to your RSS reader or follow it on Tumblr or whatever you like to do. And if you know of great Tumblr accounts that I should be following too, please tell me about them in the comments.


Wings1295 said...

Going to check it out now, and add it to my Reader! Cool news! Good luck with it!

Wings1295 said...

Oh and this is one you could follow:


Michael May said...

Done! Thanks!

David said...

I am dabbling with tumblr too. There is no easy way to completely sinc your tumblr to your Wordpress or whatever, so there is two-way flow with no dupes. Or at least I can't figure it out.

Problem is, there are so many good tumblrs it makes you want to give up!


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