Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Amazon of the Week: Martha Jones

But first: some housekeeping.

If you missed having the Art Show post this week (or Pass the Comics or Quotes of the Week, for that matter), be sure to check out/subscribe to/follow the Adventureblog Annex where all that stuff is now. I know that starting Yet Another Blog is spreading myself pretty thin, so I'm going to pull back the content I  was putting into spin-off blogs Amazon Village and Dear Dairy. As fond as I am of the idea of them, I'll probably end up killing them for no other reason than to keep things simple and efficient.

So here's the plan. This blog will be much more about original content than it has been. Art, other people's comics, and quotes are in the Annex. News links are on Twitter. Personal stuff (and weird YouTube videos) are on Facebook.

One of the things I tried at Amazon Village was to have an Amazon of the Week. I use the word Amazon loosely to describe any strong, independent woman, because frankly I can't come up with a better term. Lisa Paitz Spindler calls them Danger Gals, which is awesome, but I'm not stealing her name. Anyway, I love these characters and have meant for years to start a feature spotlighting my favorites, so here we go. The first three weeks will be reposts from Amazon Village and then we'll get into new ones.

Martha Jones probably won't be the only companion of the Doctor to be featured here, but she gets to be first because she's my favorite.

Yeah yeah, I'm as in love with Rose as anyone (other than folks who think it's cool not to be in love with Rose, of course) and was heartbroken by how her story played out. But it's Martha who really has my heart. First of all, I get the whole Unrequited Love Thing. I've been through that and it's just as terrifying as the Eternally Separated From The One You Love Thing, if not more so. And not to make Rose or anyone else seem unheroic in comparison, but Martha's a warrior for a) sticking in that situation for as long as she did and b) finding a way to continue sacrificing herself even once she'd pulled away from the Doctor.

More than any other Companion, Martha feels like she's got a life worth following outside of Doctor Who. We should've gotten a spin-off with her instead of Torchwood.


Löst Jimmy said...

Martha is number 1 indeed.

James Baker said...

I love Martha Too, and I loved that character even more for the way that she handled the end to her own unrequited love story. My only quibble was that there was so much OTHER stuff going on in that "goodbye" episode that I felt HER story got short shrift...

But maybe that is just a case of being too fussy because I liked the character so much.

Kal said...

I never knew she was a companion. I liked her work very much in the British version of 'Law and Order'. Sure they used old American 'Law and Order' scripts but I enjoyed the British differences.


Another thumbs up for Martha Jones, she was great companion with a great story arc.

I do wonder if we will ever see her again.

Michael May said...

Jamie, it's been a while since I've seen that episode, but I think I might agree with you. But that's sort of how I felt about her and the way she was treated for her entire time with the Doctor.

As much as I love the Doctor, Martha was too good for him.


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