Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Music Meme: 2004

Continuing my list of favorite albums from every year I've been alive.


U2: How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb

In 2004, the light appeared at the end of my dark tunnel of adult contemporary music. The best radio station in the history of mankind wouldn't go on the air until the following year, but at least I had the best U2 album since The Joshua Tree to keep me company until then.

Riot on an Empty Street by Kings of Convenience was also released this year, but I wouldn't learn about it until 2005 thanks to the Current. It's a great album to chill to, has a fantastic single ("I'd Rather Dance With You"), and it introduced me to Faust.

But U2 had "Vertigo."

Runners Up:
Kings of Convenience: Riot on an Empty Street

The Killers: "Somebody Told Me"

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harrit said...


This is the first time I’ve read about this. I keep learning new things everyday!


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