Monday, September 14, 2009

Art Show: Until the Jedi show up


By Frank Brangwyn. [Golden Age Comic Book Stories]

Wonder Woman vs. Octopus

By Brian Bolland. [Poulpe Pulps]

Fight to the DEATH!

By Evan "Doc" Shaner. [EDITED TO ADD: And Jay Fosgitt. I'm totally embarrassed that I missed that. Shame on me.]

Argosy Knight

By L. A. Shafer. [The FictionMags Index]

Black Canary

By Dan Brereton. [Comic Art Community]


Except for the '90s leg pouches, I really dig this new design by Lee Garbett. Enough that I think I'd like to check out at least the first collection of the new Batgirl series. Even with the Liefeld pouch, it's tons better than the last version. Looks like Batgirl again.

And here's cover artist Phil Noto's version:

But just in case you still prefer it Old School:

By Mike Maihack.

Doritos Asylum

Anthony Ventura did a fantastic cut-out diorama display for Doritos. The above piece is just a small part of it. Click the link to see the whole, beautiful thing. Then, if you like Anthony's work, check out this short story he and I did together about a beautiful woman, a mad doctor, and some cybernetic little people.

Dark Centuri

By John Spencer. [American Pulps and Magazines]

Padme at Geonosis

By Otis Frampton. I have some big, big problems with the Star Wars sequels, but Padme circa Attack of the Clones is not one of them. I love the arena scene (until the Jedi show up) and this piece captures exactly why that is.

1 comment:

Wings1295 said...

Cool stuff, except for that Black Canary. She looks like she is ... painful. And she has a but where her belly should be. Just weird.


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