Thursday, November 08, 2007

Your Return of Jezebel James update

As I mentioned here, The Return of Jezebel James has only a teensy connection to Jesse James and even less connection to anything else I usually talk about here, but it's the Gilmore Girls connection through Amy Sherman-Palladino that interests me. Plus I kinda dig Parker Posey.

So, this post is pretty off-topic, but I'm curious about the show, so whatever. Here's your Return of Jezebel James update: Fox bought it as a mid-season replacement, which means that they only ordered seven episodes. The good news is that means they've pretty much got their season done in spite of the writers' strike (more on the strike tomorrow probably). Starting March 7, Fox has scheduled them for Friday nights to replace Bones, which is having to end early.

Okay. Back on-topic now.

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