Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Judging Comic Books by Their Covers: Image -- January '08

So, which covers from Image's January crop make me want to open the books?

Cemetery Blues #1: The cartoony art is appealing, but what really grabs my interest are the misshapen little guy in front, the axe that the smoker's wielding, and the severe, ghostly gentleman in the back. I want to see what's going on with these characters.

Elephantmen #13: It's a text-heavy cover, but the noir, anthropomorphic hippo would make me check this out, even if I wasn't already a fan of the series.

The Infinite Horizon #2: These heavily designed covers don't usually grab me, but I love how the design here evokes tentacles coming up to grab the boat while the guy on deck calmly stands there, not sensing the danger. I want to see inside the book now to see if that's what it's about.

Jack Staff Special #1: Dark Horse had a couple of these last week, but here's another example of when a pin-up actually makes for an intriguing cover. Especially when it's of characters this diverse and interesting-looking. Jack Staff has a compelling look to him anyway, but the robot and the fantasy-ish guy with the sword have me really curious.

Mice Templar #3: Oeming's cover absolutely screams, "Pick me up! Open me!" First of all, the colors are stunningly beautiful, but what's that mysterious-looking mouse doing all hunched over on the rock by the pond? He looks like he's waiting for something, but what is it? And what's that flaming skull hanging from his tail?

Shark-Man #1: How has no one thought of making a superhero named Shark-Man before? This is one of those 30 Days of Night ideas where it's so obvious that you feel simultaneously overjoyed that someone came up with it and envious that it wasn't you. And that costume is perfect. I want to know more about this guy. Also, I want to explore the city in the background.

Captain Stoneheart and the Truth Fairy: Not just an anthropomorphic hippo, but a pirate anthropomorphic hero. Carrying a fairy.

Strange Girl, Volume 4: Golden Lights: Even if I didn't know what this series was about, I'd be intrigued by this cover. A demon and a young girl look on from above in the moments just before what looks to be a battle between an eclectic group of wanderers and some angels. There's the anticipation of action, but instead of just adventure, there's some emotional weight to it that I love. It's sad and solemn. Very nice.

The Astounding Wolf-Man, Volume 1: Yeah, pretty much just putting "Wolf-Man" on your cover is going to get me to check out your book. Interestingly, "Werewolf" wouldn't have had the same reaction.

Next week: DC's January covers, probably. Maybe their February ones too, since those'll probably also be out by then.

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