Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Scarecrows, Echo, and fanfic REVEALED!

If he only had a brain.

I'm too distracted by Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man right now to analyze why, but I've always been a big fan of scarecrows. It probably started with Dark Night of the Scarecrow, but I'm still hooked. I'm even tempted to see Jeepers Creepers 2, for crying out loud.

Anyway, Caleb over at Everyday is Like Wednesday totally wrote his blog just for me in the days leading up to Halloween with his Scarecrow Week.

"I am a little worried that people will be angry when they find out it's not Rowling."

Here's more skinny on that James Potter site that I mentioned last week. It's fanfiction. (Thanks to my pal Charles again for the link.)

"That’s not rain, or hail."

I never was able to get into Strangers in Paradise, but Terry Moore's become such a legendary figure because of it that I'm really looking forward to getting in on the ground floor of his next big project, Echo.


Anonymous said...

scarecrows are awsome im gona b 1 for holloween and my lil bro is goin as frankenstien but i like the comics cover

Michael May said...

Scarecrows and Frankenstein are my two favorite monsters. You guys have great taste!

I won first prize dressed as a scarecrow in a Halloween costume contest when I was a kid.


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