Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Links: I was on TV, Omega Flight continues, and Something About Mary (Marvel)

Not enough links today to really categorize, so I'll just do this willy nilly.

Kill All Monsters! was on TV! Sort of. G4TV's Attack of the Show did a segment on comics blogs and featured Blog@Newsarama. One of the posts they showed was the one about KAM! from a few days ago.

Over at the Alpha Waves message board, Omega Flight artist Scott Kolins hints that there's more Omega Flight coming once the initial five-issue mini-series is done. I've been moaning (mostly to myself) about how long it's taking them to tell this initial story, but if there's more coming up behind it, I'll be patient and shut up.

Forces of Good has a nice summary of Mary Marvel's career to date. I'd forgotten that the "H" in her version of SHAZAM stands for Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons, from whom she gets her supernatural strength. Since Hippolyta is also Wonder Woman's mom in the DCU, I'm wondering if any of DC's writers have ever exploited that connection in a story. Seems like a natural.

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Jason Copland said...


Kel emailed me and told me about it but it was cool to actually get to see it! Thanks, MM!


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